upcoming shows

nov 12        ASU Prisms Festival               

jan 23         Variations III                   

feb 9          Music for Percussion and

feb 10        Drumming

mar 2         Phoenix Art Museum 
                  with Manuel Rangel

aug 5         Abiquiu Chamber Fest


Crossing 32nd Street, named Phoenix's "Best New Classical Music Ensemble" by the Arizona Republic, strives to increase the awareness and understanding of modern music through an aggressive commitment to performing relevant contemporary works at the highest level. Performances routinely include the music of the modern masters, including, among others, John Cage, Steve Reich, Louis Andriessen, Iannis Xenakis, Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, John Luther Adams and James Tenney, as well as the exciting new works of emerging composers.

Founded in 2000 by contemporary music specialists from Arizona State University, the University of New Mexico, and the University of California-San Diego, Crossing 32nd Street is ensemble-in-residence in the Maricopa Community Colleges.  Though its instrumentation changes with the needs of each piece, Crossing 32nd Street's core plays percussion, winds, keyboards and electronics while also composing and improvising with acoustic, electro-acoustic, and multi-media tools.  The group regularly performs concerts in alternative spaces in Downtown Phoenix and on the campuses of ASU, Glendale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College.


Founding Members:

Douglas Nottingham
Brett Reed
Eric Schultz
Christopher Scinto

Core Quartet:

Robert Esler
Douglas Nottingham
Brett Reed
Lisa Tolentino

Ensemble past and present:

Jacob Adler
David Arbury
John Bartlit
Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer
Josh Bennett
Ryan Bledsoe
Sonja Branch
Josh Bennett
David Bradley
Fred Bugbee
Matt Coleman
Matthew Coley
Alexis Corbin
Hovey Dean Corbin
Yi-Chia Chen
Steven Critchlow
Anita Crider
Emily Dolliver
Kendra D'Ercole
Christina Eide
Emily Erb
Casey Farina
Andria Fennig
Sabine Feisst
Mary Fitzgerald
Rose French
Stefanie Gardner
Joseph Goglia
Matt Gould
Jacob Harrison
Kortney James High
Joshua Hill
Christopher Hodge
Matt Holm
Bill Humbert
Keith Kelly
Terry Longshore
Kristen Loree
Simone Mancuso
Adam Maynes
William Craig McClelland
James McKenzie
Barry Moon
Jeremy Muller
Scott Ney
Ashley Oakley
Stephen Osbourne
Garth Paine
Jesse Joaquin Parker
Julian Peterson
Joseph Perez
Eric Retterer
John Robinson
Alyssa Saint
Bill Sallak
Christopher Shultis
Karl Schindler
Derek Stein
Donald Smith
J.B. Smith
Allison Storochuk
Kris Swinson
Andrew Tholl
Dave Toland
Jennifer Walecek
Alex Weir